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Batting Cage

Batter Up!!!!

At Pickering Playing Fields, you can “step up to the plate” in our state-of-the-art batting cages and swing batter, batter, batter, swing!

Fast Ball & Slow Pitch

With our batting cage system you can practice your game at all skill levels. Our system can be set-up to meet any speed requirements, whether you prefer a classic slow pitch lob-ball or fast pitch at speeds in excess of 90MPH!

Bring The Whole Family

Guaranteed to improve anyone’s game, visit Pickering Playing Fields for a day of fun at the batting cages. We currently have 7 cages available to practice where you won’t have to worry about your three strikes.

New – Book Online!

Pre Booking information

Thank you for your interest in visiting Pickering Playing Fields to use our Batting Cages. We appreciate your patience during these trying times of Covid-19. Pre-covid-19 we committed to replacing our netting system in order to create a safer environment for everyone attending Pickering Playing Fields. This project was pushed back several weeks with the development of Covid-19. They have now been installed and I am sure you will feel much safer on the property.

Once we were granted permission from the Ontario government to open our batting cages, we as a staff and business did not feel comfortable doing so. We did not think we could provide a safe environment for patrons while complying to all Social Distancing guidelines.

Now that we do feel comfortable and have implemented protocols under the Ontario Health guidelines, we would like to invite you in to enjoy our Batting Cages. Please help us provide a safe environment for all enjoying our facility as we continue to fight the fight against Covid-19.
Please follow the following guidelines.

Prior to arrival:

  • All bookings must be pre-paid. You must make a $20 deposit to confirm your booking on our online booking platform. When you check in inside the clubhouse, you will receive 4 rounds of batting, value $18.50. $1.50 will be applied as a booking fee. You are able to purchase more tokens for use within your 30 minutes at this time (6 maximum).
  • Please do not arrive or enter the clubhouse no more than 5 minutes before your reservation.
  • Ensure you do not forget your own bat and helmet. Pickering Playing Fields will not issue.

Upon arrival:

  • Face masks or face coverings MUST be worn inside the clubhouse when confirming registration.
  • Please check in with staff inside the clubhouse no sooner than 5 minutes prior to your reservation. Batters arriving before the 5-minute check in time will be asked to return to their vehicles to wait.
  • Pickering Playing Fields will NOT provide Bats and Helmets. You must bring your own Bat and Helmet to use for your reservation. No exceptions.
  • Maximum of THREE people allowed to share a cage / 3 people per booking
  • No double bookings, or back to back bookings.
  • No outside Food or Alcohol is permitted.

During Booking:

  • Please practice social distancing at all times while at Pickering Playing Fields.
  • Please be mindful or your surroundings and other guest at Pickering Playing Fields.
  • If you need to use the washrooms, please sanitize before entry and after.

After Booking:

  • We ask that when your 30 minutes is completed that you exit the property within 5 minutes of completion. We understand that we have a social environment but at this time we have to allow others to enjoy the facility in a safe manner.
Driving Ranges remain open during stay at home orderYes Pickering Playing Fields will remain OPEN - No reservation required

Golf Courses and Driving Ranges will remain open under the stay at home order.

Pickering Playing Fields will increase safety measures during this period to help keep people safe and provide a safe environment for our community.

  • Please wear your mask at all times while on the property. Yes, that means outside while playing
  • Please keep 6 feet apart at all times
  • Please do not gather in groups more than 5 people
  • Please follow all traffic flow signage and direction

We are fortunate and thankful to provide a safe outdoor space for our community to come and enjoy. Please do your part so we can remain open. 

See you soon,